Visit the movie gallery generated with Jfract. Note that you can easily make your own movies.

visit the JFract generated fractals gallery worked with photoshop.


See a sample of jfract with the applet version avaliable directly in your browser. You can zoom in the fractals and change the properties of equations.

but Jfract application is much more complete....

> 22/09/2002 First release avalaible on source forge


What you need to run jfract
Global description of the goal of jFract

How to use jfract to produce fractals pictures ans movies.
How to configure "jfract.xml".

Make your own fractals with implementing AbstractFractalBean.
Produce visual description of java object.

The javadoc produced from source code.
A gallery of pics generated with jfract and Photoshop.
A gallery of fractal transformations movies.
Download jfrcat
See the applet in your browser.